Your Parish Council

All decisions are made by the whole Parish Council, however councillors also have other responsibilities within the parish and local areas.

The following Councillors are your representatives:

Bill Nelson - Chairman : represents the Council at the SCAPTC meetings

Ian Brown - Vice Chairman : deals with planning applications, especially relating to local landfill sites

Jason Butcher - Community member, local business man

Michael Cover - Community member, retired

Alan Jones - Community member, retired

Parish Council Staff and Volunteers

Margaret Nelson - is the part-time Parish Clerk

Barrie Rimmington - carries out general maintenance work at both of the Recreation Grounds and other areas within the Parish

Michael Cover and Dave Rollins - volunteered to be our North Downs Way/Footpath Wardens

The positions of Tree Warden and Dog Warden still remain vacant

Sue Newman represents the Council for the Smith Gift Charity

Other Councillors

Tony Rooth - is Councillor for the Guildford Borough Council

Matt Furniss - is Councillor for Surrey County Council - Shalford Division

Local MP

Anne Milton - is the Member of Parliament for the Borough of Guildford

Neighbourhood Police

Tom Wright is our Police Community Support Officer responsible for the Pilgrims Ward.

Surrey Police - Your Neighbourhood Team